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Afternoon Naps || Kristen, Riley, Debby & Pixie


A smile crept upon Kristen’s face as she noticed Debby and baby Pixie coming towards both her and Riley underneath the large palm tree. “Oh, hello, fancy seeing you two here,” Kristen replied casually, followed by a slight laugh as she whipped off her Mercenaries cap and shifted up towards Riley’s stroller a little more to make room for Debby and Pixie to sit down. 

"Bit hot, isn’t it? No wonder our two little ones are fast asleep," Kristen huffed as her hand met her short yet messy red hair, rolling her hand through it as her other continued to move the stroller back and forth slowly yet rhythmically to allow Riley to sleep a little longer.

         Debby watched her for a second before she did a turn with Pixie’s stroller and turned to slot the pair of them into the gap Kristen had made. She sighed as she did so and fiddled to adjust the seat so she could watch the little girl sleep away.

"Yeah, it’s pretty warm." She chuckled faintly and smoothed her hand over her forehead, adjusting her sunglasses over her eyes. "How’re you doing?" Debby asked with a glance to Kristen before she watched Riley for a second, an almost proud smile crossing over her lips. Yes, the little boy was growing up in a blink of her eyes.   

Afternoon Naps || Kristen, Riley, Debby & Pixie


Kristen was seated on a bench underneath a large palm tree that shaded her and Riley from the scorching sun of Orlando. Her hand was placed upon the handle of his stroller, moving it back and forth gently and rhythmically to ensure Riley remained in his small baby nap for as long as he needed to, despite having a blanket over the front to shield him from the brightness of the outdoors.

 She crossed one leg over the other, sighing a little as she felt herself sweating. Rob had gone to find somewhere to get some drinks and a bite to eat, so here she was, left alone in the relatively peaceful area. Kristen continued to glance around at the scenery, smiling as she knew her good friend, Scout Taylor Compton loved it here. She couldn’t see anyone she knew, but of course, Disneyland was a huge place, it was expected, right?

         It was safe to say Debby hated the heat but she tried her best to keep cool. Fans when inside of the villa and just casual shorts and a top. Thankfully, since her hair had changed a multitude of colours this year, no one around really noticed her. Debby had been happily walking along with Scarlett and Pixie in her push chair when the little girl made a bee-line for yet another ride. It wasn’t long before Gregg had caught up with them and offered to take Scarlett on it. Debby headed towards a bench as the two went off towards the ride.

Her eyes seemed to squint in the sunlight, and the heat had knocked the small five month old girl out. Debby spotted Kristen and walked towards her, smiling a little. “Well, well, look who I seem to have found.” She smiled a little more, puffing some cold air onto her own forehead.  


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The neverending’s set list from the show last week debbyryan


The neverending’s set list from the show last week

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